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Custom Cut Order Inquiry

49 Wood Mizer in Action

Wildrivers Timber can custom cut nearly any dimension required among a myriad of species including: Douglas Fir, Myrtle wood, Port Orford White Cedar, Red Cedar, Red Alder, Hemlock, and Maple.  We also have access to more exotic species like Redwood, Black Walnut, Yew and others (if it grows in Oregon we probably have it, or know someone who does).

We don't keep all these cut lumbers in stock and would much rather take an order and produce what you want from the raw logs, so you get exactly what you need.  Then we'll arrange for kiln drying and planing (if required), and then figure out the best method for delivery. 

We're happy to cut odd sizes, perhaps for use as tone wood in instrument making -- if you need a 3 foot by 2.4 inch section (or any other odd size), we're glad to make it for you.  Our little mills are extremely flexible and we have a lot of wood on hand to take care of your needs. 

We're also mobile, so if you are in Southern Oregon and have a bunch of logs you want sawed up it we can come to you.


So fill out the form below to send in a request and we'll get back to you with a quote!

For custom cut orders we'll need to talk!
Let us know what you are after.