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Becker Ecoforestry


Since 1984 Jerry & Sharyn Becker have traveled the Pacific Northwest performing endangered species serveys and forest-health exams.Founding directors of Friends of Elk River, they were instrumental in establishing the Grassy Knob and Copper-Salmon Wilderness Areas, and adding Elk River to the National Wild & Scenic Rivers System.Jerry also directs Elk River Land Trust, hikes ancient forests, and fishes clear streams.  An avid swimmer and birder, Sharyn practices intuitive energy-medicine.


We have Douglas fir logs, peeled poles and lumber cut to any dimension. Lumber can be graded and stamped, dried, planed, or machined into paneling and flooring.

We have red alder and Oregon myrtle logs and lumber cut to any dimension, dried and machined as needed.

Ordering well in advance is advised.



Professional Service:

  • Forest health consultations
  • FSC certification
  • Stewardship forest plans
  • Ecology assessments
  • Monitoring systems
  • Forest & stream restoration
  • Wildlife serveys
  • Hazard tree evaluations
  • Wildfire risk assessments
  • Workshops & seminars

Bio: Jerry P. Becker


Jerry Paul Becker grew up working on his family’s farm in western New York. Having earned B.A. degrees in psychology and political science from the University of Rochester (Rochester, NY), Jerry relocated to Oregon.

After learning to cruise timber and planting more than100,000 trees, Jerry spent fifteen years covering many thousands of acres of backcountry wildlands from Alaska to California to Idaho, studying old-growth forests and performing a diversity of forest health exams.

Seeing the need to provide private woodland owners with an alternative between industrial forestry and total preservation, Jerry introduced Becker Ecoforestry. Today this consulting firm manages forestland projects, conducts comprehensive forest health surveys, and writes conservation-based forest plans centered on progressive stewardship practices.

An avid fisherman, Jerry was influential in designating Elk River a NW Salmon Stronghold. A founding director of Friends of Elk River, Jerry worked to establish the Grassy Knob Wilderness Area, he initiated adding Elk River to the National Wild & Scenic Rivers System, and he traveled to Washington DC to formally testify on behalf of the newly established Copper Salmon Wilderness Area.

To further assist conservation, Mr. Becker set up Elk River Land Trust. This tax-exempt organization fosters voluntary protection of our working farms, forests, and salmon streams from New River to Pistol River. Since its inception in 2000, Jerry has been ERLT’s Executive Director and guiding force.

Vice-president of the South Coast Coordinated Watershed Councils, Jerry keeps abreast of current restoration strategies. He has written watershed restoration plans, successful OWEB grants and NFWF applications, he’s performed and supervised on-the-ground restoration projects, and monitored their results.

An experienced consultant knowledgeable in forest health and well-acquainted with public and private land management issues, Jerry represents the timber industry on the Siskiyou National Forest Resource Advisory Committee (RAC).

Jerry is a member of Cape Blanco Challenge, a collaborative group led by local landowners, ranchers, farmers, timber operators, watershed council members, agency personnel, ShoreBank Enterprise Cascadia, and conservation groups such as The Freshwater Trust, The Nature Conservancy, and Western Rivers Conservancy. The group comes together several times a year to coordinate efforts to make working landscapes and conservation the cornerstones of our future economy. CBC works with ranchers and woodlot owners to build conservation into their operations so we can create sound rural communities where our children will grow and flourish.

Twenty years ago, Jerry initiated a program that brought students to our riversides to participate in riparian tree planting projects. Nowadays many of those trees — already 60’ tall — hold back floodwaters; and many of Jerry’s former students — and their children — are advocates for our wildlands.

When not working on conservation projects, Jerry enjoys the fruits of his labors: fishing cold mountain streams, hiking roadless backcountry, and tending his grapevines.


Clean clear water is our most important forest product!

P.O. Box 1041 Port Orford, Oregon 97465